Calgary 2009
MARCH 24-26, 2009
Barry Webb is a research fellow in Old Testament at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia where he has also served as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer since 1978 and held the post of Head of Old Testament Studies during 1991-2005. He has several academic degrees and credentials including a BA from Queensland, B.Div from London and Ph.D from Sheffield University. He also serves as an assistant editor for the Reformed Theological Review. He has written or edited numerous books and articles including the Bibles Speaks Today commentaries on Isaiah and Zechariah as well as Five Festal Garments: Christian Reflections on the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther.

Barry Webb


Southview Alliance Church
1436 James McKevitt Road SW
Calgary, AB T2Y 2W9

(403) 256-4922



Kent Hughes is retired Senior Pastor of College Church in Wheaton. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Talbot Seminary as well as advanced degrees in ministry and divinity from Biola University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has authored numerous books including Disciplines of a Godly Man and many volumes of the Preaching the Word commentary series of which he is the editor.

Kent Hughes

Carey Hughes is Assistant Pastor of Christ the Redeemer Church in Spokane, Washington. He studied secondary education (with an emphasis in Bible) at Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina. After three years as the Jr. High Director at College Church in Wheaton, Carey completed a Masters of Theology at Moore College in Sydney, Australia. He has been at Christ the Redeemer Church for 10 years.

Carey Hughes


Instruction 1 Approaching Prophetic Literature Webb mp3 mp3 69min 95mb
Instruction 2 Pastoring in the Pulpit K. Hughes mp3 mp3 48min 66mb
Instruction 3 Refresher on the Basic Instructions K. and C. Hughes mp3 mp3 44min 61mb
Instruction 4 Overview of Zechariah Webb mp3 mp3 44min 61mb
Instruction 5 Fainting Fits of a Pastor C. Hughes mp3 mp3 54min 74mb
Instruction 6 Preaching from Zechariah Webb mp3 mp3 71min 97mb
Exposition 1 Zechariah 1.1-6 Webb mp3 mp3 43min 59mb
Exposition 2 Zechariah 3.1-10 Webb mp3 mp3 39min 54mb
Exposition 3 John 21 C. Hughes mp3 mp3 30min 41mb